Withdrawal limit 4rabet and minimum deposit

4rabet is an Indian sportsbook company that provides players with lots of possibilities to participate in gambling and place bets on sporting events getting some money. 4rabet delivers various offers relating to blackjack, live dealer, and others. 4rabet provides users with access to many payment systems. Thus, players can deposit and withdrawal money without any serious restrictions. Let’s figure out which payment methods are available for players and which verification is required for money deposit and withdrawal.rupay

4rabet deposit

4rabet provides players with lots of payment options. One of the most popular methods to place a deposit is PayTM, an Indian payment system. For automatic transfer of money into the account a player should send money to the actual PayTM number of 4rabet. Then, a user has to tap on the “Next” button and enter the transaction ID. It should be noted, that money transfer via UPI/IMPS is prohibited. Other methods of money transfer on 4rabet have lots in common with PayTM. Besides, almost each deposit option allows players to watch the video, where the in-depth procedure of depositing the money is described.


Deposit Methods

Payment System             Minimum Deposit


PayTM ₹300


UPI ₹300
IMPS ₹300
Phone Pe ₹300
Skrill ₹300
Neteller ₹300
Cryptocurrency No limit
Perfect Money No limit

The 4rabet system primarily uses rupee. However, those players of 4rabet who choose the last two payment methods can process the deposit transaction with the American dollar.

4rabet verification

In order to achieve access to all the basic services on 4rabet, it is necessary to open an account. To do this, a player has a possibility to register in “1 click” or enter the e-mail address and generate a reliable password to keep all money securely. This data therefore will be used to log in to the profile. Besides, users must provide the following personal data:

  • full name;
  • phone number;
  • date of birth.

For 4rabet users who are going to use real money, including deposit and withdrawal procedures, it’s required to make a verification. The following message is placed on the website of 4rabet:

To confirm the accuracy of the information, the Company has the right to request documents proving the identity of the Clients. If for any reason the Client cannot provide the requested documents in order to identify him, the Company has the right to stop or block the Client’s account until he provides the necessary information.

The proof of identity is needed for players to enjoy all benefits provided by 4rabet without any money limitations. With such proof users hardly face problems with deposit, withdrawal, or any other challenges relating to money.

4rabet withdrawal limit

There are two options for money withdrawal. The first one is the PayTM. This method also is available for the deposit. Here the minimum amount of withdrawal is ₹1000. A user must provide his phone number and follow other instructions to get money from 4rabet. Players are welcome to watch a video on how to make a withdrawal using PayTM. The second option is IMPS, which users also can use for the deposit. Here the minimum amount of withdrawal is ₹3000. Players have to provide the following information in order to initiate a withdrawal and get money:

  • the name of the user’s account;
  • the number of user’s account;
  • IFSC.

There is no possibility to withdraw money via Skrill as well as via other payment systems available for a deposit. 4rabet players can also benefit from the tools, provided for convenience with money withdrawal and deposit. There is the “History of Payments Section” where 4rabet users can take control of money and all operations, including deposit and withdrawal.

Terms & conditions

It’s important to know that players can face some unpredictable situations. For example, the following message can appear before money withdrawal:

The security service of the betting company has the right to refuse to withdraw money in any of the available ways if the number of refilling or withdrawal money from the gaming account differ from the amount of bets (on the refilling amount to account it is compulsory to place bets with odds not less than 1.1). The criterion for withdrawal money will be the number of bets made as part of this refilling.

Before start playing on 4rabet all users must ensure that they can comply with all requirements. For example, a user must be more than 18 years old or there could be the age that is applicable to be determined an acceptable one, which gives him a right to play casino games on 4rabet for real money or place bets on sports events without violating the legislation of his country. The player must be the full and legal owner of all money in his account. A user should guarantee that all information provided by him is relevant.

Thus, it’s advised for players to read Terms & Conditions, provided on the 4rabet website, and always follow tips from the system. Such a responsible approach allows users to avoid any issues relating to money withdrawal and deposit.

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